Welcome to Jacob Breach Photography! We believe every day is a new adventure, and our photography does its best to capture that motto. Let us know if you like what you see! Enjoy the view! 

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Hi! I'm Jacob. Thanks for visiting.

Photography speaks to us all in different ways. For me, its a language all its own. No matter where we are or what experiences we've had, a photo will still convey any multitude of feelings: joy and sorrow, relaxation and excitement, triumph and struggle. Whether its the breathtaking view from a Appalachian mountaintop, a silenced voice raised in protest, or the still-shot movement of a Parisian street, the click of a shutter captures life all around us and is intelligible to all humankind. All of us write our own stories, but photography is our universal verse.

Join me as I explore this world and write new chapters at the end of a lens.

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World IA Day DC 2018

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Created 25-Feb-18
Modified 25-Feb-18
World IA Day DC 2018


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Created 8-Jan-18
Modified 8-Jan-18


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Created 5-Jan-18
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Shot on iPhone

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Created 5-Dec-17
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Shot on iPhone

San Francisco, CA

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Created 12-Oct-17
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San Francisco, CA


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Created 20-Sep-17
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Women's March on Washington

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Created 26-Jan-17
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Women's March on Washington

Arlington National Cemetery

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Created 22-Jan-17
Modified 22-Jan-17
Arlington National Cemetery

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